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A comprehensive flour treatment concept involves a lot more than just choosing the right ingredients

Get to know our all-round service! We can also help you meter the Mühlenchemie products correctly and measure the relevant quality parameters. Moreover, we can advise you when it comes to equipping rheological and baking laboratories.

Precision Metering

The addition of flour improvers requires suitable equipment. Every constituent has specific product and flow properties and is added in different amounts. Enzymes and ascorbic acid, in particular, need careful handling, since these substances take effect at low concentrations. We have had a precision metering device developed that ensures very fine, homogenous and reliable distribution of all additives and enzymes and can feed in even micro-quantities without problems.

Big Enough? VoluMax Measures Volume Yield

For many types of bakery products, volume is the most important buying criterion. So reliable measurement of this quality parameter is essential. With VoluMax, the volume yield of a bakery product can be determined very simply within two minutes.

Rapid Quality Checks

For quality control we offer compact analysis kits and laboratory systems that deliver quick and reliable information on the amount and distribution of important flour improvers and micronutrients.

Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid is an elementary substance for improving the dough-forming properties of a flour and increasing the baked volume. Since the efficacy of the crystalline powder depends not least on the amount used and its particle size, we offer an analysis kit based on the Tauber test for quality control. The kit permits quick determination of the concentration and particle distribution.


For countries where potassium bromate is still permitted, we offer analysis kits for detecting bromate by means of Werner’s reagent.

Support with Planning and Equipment

A well-equipped QA laboratory is indispensable for all industrial mills. When planning and equipping the laboratory, mills can draw on our expertise and call in our experts to advise them on suitable analytical methods – with knowledge and a sense of proportion.

Team Rheology, Muehlenchemie

In our own rheological and baking laboratory, product specifications can be checked continuously, also paving the way for innovations.