Research into Flour Fortification

Flour fortification is a specialist discipline that is steadily gaining significance in the international milling industry. But its practical implementation is often a source of uncertainty. Our application-oriented research work helps to increase confidence and safety in the handling of micronutrients.

Lena Kampehl, Muehlenchemie

The more background knowledge is available about flour fortification, the fewer reservations and problems there are on the part of users.

Lena Kampehl, Research & Development Vitamins and Minerals

Generating New Knowledge

The enrichment and fortification of flour raises questions. Does the use of micronutrient premixes change the baking properties of flours? What effect does the addition of folic acid have on the colour of pasta? Do interactions exist between minerals and flour improvers? How do you check that the micronutrients are correctly dosed? Our technologists advise mills on the spot and instruct employees in the correct handling of the Mühlenchemie premixes.

We go into more complex issues at our Stern-Technology Center. We carry out extensive tests with flour fortified with micronutrients and generate new knowledge in this special field. We make the results of our tests available to the whole industry.

Micronutrient premixes with vitamin B1 and B2

Micronutrient premixes with vitamin B1 and B2

Folic acid fortification,

Folic acid fortification

Vitamins in pasta

Vitamins in pasta