Flour Improvement Overview

Flour Improvement – Made to Measure

Lutz Popper, Muehlenchemie

Our improver systems compensate for natural fluctuations in wheat quality and increase the functionality of the flours. Highly specific flour treatment enables mills to meet the increasing demands from the flour processing industry for consistently high flour quality standards.

Dr. Lutz Popper, Head of Research and Development

From standardization to perfection: we offer you application-oriented and practicable flour improvement concepts

Standardizing, and compensating for fluctuating flour quality

Flour Improvement: Standardizing and Ensuring Quality

The core task of flour treatment is standardization. The quality of grain differs according to the variety, the origin, the weather, and growing and ripening conditions. Enzyme systems are economical and highly functional tools that make it possible to compensate for fluctuations in the raw material and produce flours with consistent baking properties.

Counteracting volatile prices and availability

High-Quality Flour – Despite Volatile Prices and Uncertain Availability

Price turbulences in the procurement markets can make the purchase of raw materials difficult and impair the quality of the flour. With specific flour improvement, bakeable flours can be produced from wheat lots with inferior baking properties. In this way, mills can make themselves less vulnerable to volatile prices, fluctuating qualities and uncertain availability.

Rheology, Muehlenchemie

Adjusting rheological parameters

When purchasing raw materials, bakeries generally base their choice on the rheological parameters of a flour. Even if the analytical results do not always correlate with the baking trials, the laboratory measurements are considered important indicators of the baking properties of a flour. These quality parameters can be regulated specifically with the use of enzyme systems. However, ultimately the baking trial is decisive.

Perfecting the baking properties

Perfecting the baking properties

The fine art of enzyme design lies in spot-on optimization of the properties of the flour. Whether it is a question of machinability, shelf life, baked volume, water absorption or the characteristics of the crust and crumb: with precisely balanced compositions of active ingredients, our flour improvement experts can perfect the processing properties of the flour down to the last detail.

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