Composite Flour

Composite Flour – Make use out of local crops


In many countries worldwide, it is common practice to combine wheat flour with flour from other cereals like maize, millet or sorghum, or with starchy gluten-free flour made of cassava or sweet potatoes. The reasons for using this composite flour are many: raw material prices, product innovation, local and thus shorter supply chains, etc.

The greater the proportion of these admixtures, the more they impair the volume of the products and the stability of the dough. In order to make up for this loss of quality, our applications technologists at the Stern-Technology Center have developed enzyme systems for processing composite flour that greatly strengthen the doughs and improve their baking properties. The use of these flour treatments makes it possible to offer consumers high quality baked goods such as sandwich, baguette or flatbread.


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Create Your Ideal Blend Of Flour!

Planning your own specific composite flour is simple: With just a few clicks, our easy to use calculator will help you establish the ideal blend for your flour composed of wheat and additional flour such as maize, cassava or millet etc.  After calculating your personal composite flour, simply leave us your contact details so we can get in touch and advise you!


ProductActive componentsDescription / effects
CompozymCompounds of enzymes and ascorbic acid• For composite flour, with a proportion of non-wheat flour up to 20%
• Compensates for the proportional loss of wheat flour
• Enhances dough stability during fermentation
• Ensures attractive volume of the baked goods

Using local resources for more economical supply chains

Composite flour reduces dependency on wheat imports and can be profitable when cheaper local crops are used. Using local resources means shorter and more economical supply chains, while supporting local farmers and local value creation. Using local crops also supports local communities, and boosts social responsibility and sustainability.

Be a pioneer and trendsetter in your region!

By taking new, innovative flours to market and expanding your product portfolio, you’ll be seen as a product innovator by your customers, the bakers, and you can both win new customers.

You might already have some ideas of your own. Are there specific crops or baking applications you’d like to use composite flour for? Are you facing technical challenges in replacing wheat flour? Mühlenchemie has been approaching these challenges for many years.  We have deep knowledge in composite flour, and we’ll be happy to use it to support you.

Contact us and inspire your customers with these new possibilities!

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