Boundless Diversity

Regional specialities like tortillas, Arabian flat bread, ciabatta, pita, naan, parathas and many other, similar products have long since found their way onto the markets of the world. We know the special requirements for their production and have built this know-how into the development of our compounds of active substances.

Crisp roti, artistically layered parathas, substantial pori or succulent naan: many consumers like to look beyond the borders of their own countries and enjoy new taste experiences. Baked goods that were considered exotic niche products just a few years ago are now part of the standard range of many supermarkets.

Take advantage of our expertise, and convince yourself of the efficacy of our compounds! We will carry out baking trials with your flour.

Mühlenchemie is at home in the bakeries of the world and develops specific active compounds for regional specialities in the applications centres on the spot. With the aid of these compounds, traditional baked goods that are often produced entirely by hand can also be manufactured on an industrial scale.

Flat Bread – Tortillas, Arabian Flat Bread and Parathas

ProductActive componentsDescription / effects
FlexizymEnzyme systemEspecially for tortillas
Alphamalt BDPEnzyme compoundEspecially for parathas
Prolonged shelf life
ProductActive componentsDescription / effects
FlexizymEnzyme systemEspecially for tortillas

Steamed Buns at their Best

In China and many other Asian countries, steamed buns are a popular staple food that is often eaten for breakfast or as a snack between meals. The yeast-leavened buns out of the bamboo steamer exist in numerous variants and with many different recipes. In their plain form as “mantou” or as “bao zi” filled with meat, vegetables or bean paste – consumers always expect an attractive volume, a white surface, a fine crumb structure and a symmetrical shape.

The enzyme system Tigerzym is used mainly in Asia for the production of steamed buns. The quality booster gives the fermented doughs greater volume and better fermentation stability.

Tigerzym strengthens the delicate network of the gluten to prevent the low-salt doughs from collapsing during fermentation and steaming. The enzyme system also has a positive effect on the texture and brightness of the crumb.

Steamed Doughs/Yeast Dumplings

ProductActive componentsDescription / effects
TigerzymCarboxylester hydrolaseIn particular for the dough-break system
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