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Mühlenchemie – Understanding Flour

Mühlenchemie – the Perfectionist in Flour Treatment

As the international market leader in the standardization, improvement and fortification of flour, Mühlenchemie meets the increasing demand from the worldwide milling industry for individualized raw material concepts.

Key factors in flour production are efficiency, innovation and diversification. In order to position themselves successfully in the local and global markets, mills have to tailor their product concepts specifically to their customers’ requirements. The downstream industries expect flours with precisely defined properties for use in specific applications. To enable this, we offer appropriate systems of active ingredients and the necessary technical support.

Peter Steiner, Global Head of Business Unit, Mühlenchemie
Muehlenchemie Team 2019

Creative, visionary, and always just that much more personal…

We are everything – except just an ordinary supplier. As an upgrading specialist for flours, we look back on nearly 100 years of company tradition. “Close to the customer”: that is our most important motto. Because nothing is more motivating than to fulfil customers’ wishes successfully.

Wheat flour is one of the pillars of global nutrition

In all, some 450 million tonnes of flour are processed annually to make food. Since 1923, Mühlenchemie has specialized in the art of flour treatment, and for decades it has continuously improved the quality of flours with remarkable pioneering spirit and passion. With our internationally known brands like Alphamalt, Powerzym, ELCO and Pastazym, we have always been instrumental in shaping changes in the milling industry and found groundbreaking solutions for standardizing and optimizing flour. So it is that Alphamalt has become synonymous with safe and successful flour treatment.

Lutz Popper, Muehlenchemie

In order to enhance the properties of flours, we continuously sound out the synergisms between individual enzymes, combine various active substances and complement the enzymatic components with other baking-active ingredients. In this way we get just that much more efficiency out of the products.

Dr. Lutz Popper, Head of Research and Development

We put all our passion and effort into the sectors Flour Enrichment and Flour Fortification, too. In almost 90 countries, fortifying flour with vitamins and minerals is a tried-and-tested means of compensating for deficiencies in the basic supply of micronutrients. As a full-service supplier, we support the mills in their practical implementation of the system and help them with country-specific premixes, suitable metering devices and intensive consultancy.

The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe – an international innovator in the world of ingredients

Stern-Technology Center

Since 1990, Mühlenchemie has been a member of the owner-managed Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. Based in Hamburg, the group operates worldwide through twelve specialized ingredients firms in Germany and 16 affiliates abroad. The heart of the family business is the “Stern-Technology Center – Futuremaker” in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, where over 100 R&D specialists cooperate on an interdisciplinary basis to create innovative solutions for healthy and tasty foods.

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