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An Overview of 84 Problem-Solvers – as Posters or an App

They have achieved what you might call cult status in the milling industry: our two Navigator posters “Baking” and “Rheology”

These practical guides to our most important flour improvers are now available as a “to go” version for your smartphone, too.

Two large posters in tabular form show the effects of 84 products on the physical properties of dough and in the baking process. What increases the Falling Number? What enzyme-based alternatives are there to the additive azodicarbonamide? How can the shelf life of products be prolonged? A quick glance is enough to inform you about the uses of our most important enzymes and other active substances.

Sven Mattutat Muehlenchemie

Although the Navigators are no substitute for individual advice to the customer, the clearly presented tables with around 6,000 orientation symbols do offer companies an initial approach to solving the problems encountered with flour treatment.

Sven Mattutat, Product Manager
Navigator Baking Muehlenchemie

MC Navigator 1: Baking

Navigator 1 focusses on the baking aspects of our flour improvers, dough conditioners and enzymes. The poster shows what effects each product has on the baking properties of the dough (e.g. stability and stickiness, oven rise) and the end products (volume yield, softness of the crumb, browning etc.) It also indicates which enzyme systems or other active substances are suitable for use with problem flours or in the production of biscuits and crackers.

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Navigator Rheology Muehlenchemie

MC Navigator 2: Rheology

Navigator 2 focusses on the effects of our products on laboratory analyses. With the aid of readily comprehensible symbols, the practical guide offers an overview of the effects of our active ingredients on the results of rheological analyses, e.g. Farinograph, Alveograph or Falling Number data.

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Digital Navigator Muehlenchemie

The Digital Navigator

The digital version of the Navigator is clearly structured, too: with the aid of a drop-down menu, users can define a problem, a specific application or their objective in flour treatment on their mobile device. Within seconds, the app shows a list of appropriate enzyme products, additives or ingredients.

Would you like to use the Digital Navigator in your company?

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We are hoping for feedback from you

If you use the Mühlenchemie Navigators as a guide to flour treatment, we would be very interested to hear your opinion. Tell us about your experience with them! Because of the great diversity of grain and flour qualities, the Navigators can only cover some of the effects of the flour improvers and dough conditioners. But the tables are updated regularly – and we will be pleased to include your suggestions.

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