What we stand for.
What drives us.

We aim to make the world a little bit better. Starting with flour. We develop solutions based on the challenges faced by millers and producers. These innovations are at the heart of what we do today. And tomorrow, our MC Innovation Centers will be spread all over the world. That is where we, the MC flour experts – the Flourists – are available to address your challenges: at any time, close to you and always directly approachable.

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Our vision:
Feeding the world – with excellent flour

We share this vital goal with our customers and partners in the global milling industry. It is a vision that unites us, motivates us and drives us forward time and time again. At stake is the future of a key staple for all our lives. We give our all to achieve this goal together.

A raw material
for every taste.

Flour is a fascinating all-rounder. For us, “understanding flour” means working with our customers to optimise a natural raw material that can be processed into a limitless variety of nutritious and affordable food products. The result is pleasure in all its variations.

Our mission:
flour perfection.

Our customised solutions enable millers around the globe to produce perfectly performing flour. For the best bread, delicious cakes and perfect pasta on plates around the world.

Meet the Flourists

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