when the replacement is
better than the original

Raw materials used in the milling and baking industry are subject to strong price fluctuations and volatile supply chains. It is well advised to use enzyme-base substitutes, so-called replacers, instead which have the same positive influence on the production process and final product quality as their raw material counterparts. Besides, enzyme-based solutions have the advantage that they often do not require labeling and make end products (c)lean label. We specialise in replacing raw materials like vital wheat gluten, emulsifiers, sugar and salt. We offer state-of-the-art enzyme solutions that, when added to the flour in minimum quantities, provide maximum benefits. And without compromising the baking properties and quality of the end product. This lowers the cost of raw materials and circumvents fragile supply chains in the truest sense of the word.

Replacement for vital wheat gluten

The MCgluten Enhancer is our replacer for vital wheat gluten. Its dosage is ten times lower, thereby offering a cost-effective alternative that does not influence the baking properties. Added value: our MCgluten Enhancer range can also be used to enrich weaker wheat (with lower protein content).

Replacement for emulsifiers

Our enzyme solutions to replace emulsifiers – such as DATEM and SSL – improve dough processing and stability as well as the properties of the baked goods. They are a cost-effective alternative to emulsifiers thanks to their very low dosage levels.

Emulsifier replacers at a glance

  • DATEM can be replaced with Mulgazym DFX
  • SLL can be replaced with Mulgazym SFX
  • Alphamalt EFX Mega acts as a general emulsifier replacement (also for mono- and diglyceride)
Replacement for sugar

Our Omnizym solutions are enzyme-based sugar substitutes that balance the functionalities that sugar brings to bread-making. They are ideal for any yeast-loosened application and are designed as on-top solutions. Standard flour processing does not need to be changed.

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