Composite Flour:
The mix makes the difference

How do you make yourself less dependent on volatile world markets in times of high commodity prices and unstable supply chains? Hybrid – or composite – flours provide a cutting-edge answer to this problem. In many countries, wheat flour is mixed with small amounts of local crops such as cassava, maize, millet, sorghum or soya. This creates an income base for the rural population in emerging countries and represents a low-cost and, especially in highly developed industrialised countries, healthy alternative. Sometimes less is so much more.

MC has been conducting research and development in this area for many years. We have achieved a real quantum leap in raw material performance in the form of our innovative Compozym Toolbox, which paves the way for a new generation of innovative baked goods. It is possible to replace up to 20% wheat flour with alternative flours – without any loss of quality in the end product.


A powerful mixture

Here is what it is all about: only wheat grain contains the ideal protein ratio of glutenin and gliadin, which is so important for the best baking results. The gluten network absorbs gas, thus ensuring a high dough volume. Mixed flours not only lack a part of this gluten-forming protein – their starch content is also higher, the ash content different, the particle size more inhomogeneous and the colour different. This leads to lower dough volume and other unwanted effects on dough properties and baked goods. This is where Compozym comes in.

What it is: Compozym is a mixture of enzymes and ascorbic acid made to enhance mixed flours with non-wheat content of up to 20%. It is suitable for all types of baking applications and composite flours and is also ideal for upgrading particularly weak qualities of wheat.

What it can do:
  • Compensate the proportionate loss of wheat flour
  • Improve dough stability during proving
  • Increase dough volume
  • Deliver equivalent baking results to 100% wheat flour
  • Lower raw material costs
  • Provide competitive advantage through product innovation

Grist calculator:
Mix your flour!

Planning your own specific composite flour is simple:
With just a few clicks, our easy to use calculator will help you establish the ideal blend for your flour composed of wheat and additional flour.

Composite Flour

Compozym gives the international milling industry an enormous boost in terms of innovation and quality and helps millers to improve their profitability despite difficult economic times.

Sven Mattutat, Global Head of Product Management

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