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Every flour improvement begins with the desire to create an irresistible baking experience – in the form of bread rolls, baguettes, sandwiches, tortillas, flatbread or cake. It is all about taste and pleasure. And regional preferences. About colour, texture and micronutrients. But also about raw materials procurement issues, production efficiency and supply chains.

So we are not just flour improvers, but above all baking experts. We understand the end product because we bake it every day in our global baking labs. And we speak the language of industrial bakers and millers because we know their requirements and understand their processes. We make flour better because we understand baking.


The diversity of baking applications

Every baked product is different and needs special treatment. Sometimes it requires greater dough volume, sometimes more stability. Sometimes a crispy crust or long crumb softness and freshness for consumption. This is a flexible, easy-to-roll end product. At other times, it is about replacing raw materials and lowering costs, or adding vitamins and regulatory compliance. No two products are the same. Which is why our solutions are not. In any event, they help mills and industrial bakeries to strike the balance between perfect product and cost-effective production.



The whole world loves sandwich bread! Especially with a soft and fresh crumb, fine, uniform texture, uniform browning and perfect dimensional stability. And because everyone loves this, our MC Sandwich Improver Toolbox offers various flour treatment options for all types of sandwiches, regardless of the shape or recipe you want.


Whether as French bread, Parisian bread, Parisette or baguette – this usually metre-long thin white bread is eaten all over the world and therefore needs to deliver a large number of different characteristics. Most call for a high baked volume and a regular, open cut. It needs to be nice and soft on the inside and golden and crispy on the outside. Our MC Baguette Improver Toolbox leaves no wish unfulfilled. It offers millers exactly the flour treatment they need for a classic French and African baguettes.


Wheat tortillas, which are particularly popular in Mexican and North American cuisines, are very different from classic types of bread. For this reason, different requirements also apply to these flatbreads regarding dough texture and characteristics and the behaviour of the final tortilla. Shape and height are relevant, as is low water absorption in the final wraps when consumed. It is also about flexibility and foldability for the entire shelf life. Our tortilla experts in Mexico travel through the heart of tortilla country, talk to leading equipment manufacturers and know the manufacturing process inside out. Your knowledge has been incorporated into our MC Tortilla Improver Toolbox. Whether strong or weak wheat flour, our tortilla products, especially Flexizym, help to realise the desired flour requirements.


is booming. There are many different types of flatbread around the world, whether paratha or naan, pita or baladi, chapati or lavash. Strength, extensibility and elasticity are important dough properties. Flatbreads can be single-layered, double-layered or laminated and have very different crust-to-crumb ratios, placing special demands on the flour used to prepare them. Some types use darker wheat flours, for others the pita flour needs to be nice and white, sometimes with an ash content below 0.5 % (dry matter). Other flatbreads contain millet or bran as ingredients to increase the water-binding capacity, but lead to lower dough stability and binding. Our MC Flatbread Improver Toolbox offers solutions for the many different requirements and types of flatbread. We have developed this knowledge of the right flour treatment together with our experts on the ground in typical “flatbread countries” such as India, Kazakhstan and Turkey. An example: in the case of Indian parathas, we rate the tear strength and softness when chewing. SIPA – our South Indian Paratha Improver – is the tool of choice for millers here.

All purpose flour and
home baking flour

The basis, i.e. the flour, must be right for baking to succeed at home. Home baking flour, cake flours and all-purpose baking flours must meet specific requirements to ensure that cakes, muffins and doughnuts made according to regional or country-specific recipes succeed. But they also need to support different cooking methods, such as deep-frying or baking in a frying pan. At the end of the day, these flours have to do one thing above all else: work. We help you with individual solutions – for example for beignets, puff puffs, mandazi, mahambri, and much more.

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