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We are 100 years old. We have been one of the foremost partners for the world’s mills for 100 years. And so much more: hundreds of experts. Flour experts and flour improvers. Analysts, bakers and pasta specialists. Problem solvers, pioneers and industry networkers.

Always as equals. On the ground all over the world. We possess complete expertise in flour standardisation: from wheat and flour analysis to enzymatic flour treatment and vitaminisation to baking applications and pasta. At global technology centers and production sites. For the best, affordable flour there is. 
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MC at a glance

  • 250 employees worldwide
  • 12 technology centers and 7 production sites on 4 continents
  • Pilot mill for wheat and flour analysis
  • Analytical laboratories and test facilities for bakery products and pasta
  • More than 2,000 customer-specific products
  • 2,000 mills around the world place their trust in us
  • We improve the quality of 100 million tonnes of flour a year

Our values:

Our Alphamalt brand has been synonymous with tailor-made flour improvement systems since 1952. Sustainability is paramount for us. We feel committed to the social responsibility of making an important contribution to feeding the world through our daily work.

Our strengths:

  • Formulation of solutions specifically for the particular flour quality
  • Analysis of raw materials
  • Broad scope of application technology
  • Local presence
  • In-depth flour expertise
  • Global view of current trends
  • Understanding the needs of local markets

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