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From standardisation to perfection: 2000 mills around the world trust our flour improvement solutions. And have done so for decades. This is because we are partners on equal terms and at home in the mills of this world. And we develop application-oriented, practical concepts with passion, a thorough understanding of flour as a raw material alongside comprehensive services for flour treatment.


Our flour improvement systems offset natural fluctuations in the quality of wheat and increase flour functionality. Mills can meet growing requirements for consistently high flour quality thanks to highly specific flour treatment.

Dr. Lutz Popper, Scientific Director

Our primary goal:
consistent flour quality

Flour improvement is all about one thing: ensuring consistent flour quality as part of flour standardisation. Despite fluctuating grain qualities. The solution lies in sophisticated enzyme systems that are both economical and highly functional. They compensate for fluctuations in the quality of raw materials and ensure consistent baking properties.

Enzymatic flour treatment is also the cost-effective answer to variations in grain prices and uncertainties in availability. Enzymes turn batches of wheat with inferior baking properties into bakeable flours.

Benefits of enzymatic flour treatment:
  • Standardisation and quality assurance
  • Fine-tuning of rheological parameters
  • Perfected baking properties
  • Risk minimisation in raw material procurement
  • Greater flexibility in purchasing raw materials

Many requirements.
Individual solutions.

What do you require? Refinement of weak bread flours? Rustic bread? Biscuits or wafers? Frozen dough? Longer shelf life? Better dough stability?
Please contact us.

Our product range:
  • Hundreds of additives for flour treatment
  • Enzymes
  • Enzyme systems and mixtures
  • Oxidising agents 
  • Vital wheat gluten
  • Emulsifiers 
  • Hydrocolloids

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