Anniversary Collection

New unique flour treatment toolbox for the global milling industry

We have developed a new standardised modular toolbox with eight innovative solutions for flour treatment and pasta production. Our 100 years of expertise in flour treatment have been incorporated into this latest generation of enzyme solutions.

To mark our 100th anniversary, we want to give something back to our customers and partners around the world. With our newly developed modular improver kit, we enable you to use exactly the solutions that suit your individual needs.

The components of our unique modular system are eight products that guarantee high quality flour. It offers solutions for pasta and baking applications that can be used worldwide.

Six baking solutions

The six baking solutions comprise five enzymes with specific activity, which can be combined as required, as well as a complete solution that combines various enzyme activities.

  • Alphamalt A 100 – Multifunctional alpha-amylase; beneficial for starch degradation, increased fermentation, additional volume, browning, and Falling Number reduction
  • Alphamalt HC 100 – Selected hemicellulase for all yeast-raised applications; provides optimal dough behaviour (high elasticity and extensibility) and thus improved processability as well as increased volume yield and excellent form stability in the final baked product
  • Alphamalt EFX 100 – Selected “EFX” lipase preparation that works on the entire lipid spectrum of flour; improves dough machinability; enables oven rise and thus brings higher baking volume; ensures a uniform, tender crumb
  • Alphamalt PLP 100 – Concentrated phospholipase for all yeast-raised applications, with excellent emulsifying properties; ensures dough stability, higher tolerance during proofing, and finer crumb structure; can be combined with other lipases, e. g. Alphamalt EFX 100
  • Alphamalt Gloxy 100 – State-of-the art glucose oxidase for all yeast-raised applications; offers immediate stability in dough systems, high stability during fermentation, and excellent shape stability in finished baked goods; ensures pleasant dry dough surfaces
  • Powerzym 100 – All-in-one solution, containing several enzymes and ascorbic acid; mainly ensures high volume, stability in dough and baked goods and improves cut-opening (“bloom”); works on all yeast-raised applications and flour types and can be combined with other enzymes

More information about our enzymes and baking solutions

Two pasta solutions

The collection offers an enzyme and a colour compound for pasta production.

  • Pastazym Pro 100 – New enzyme preparation for more firmness; also reduces stickiness and increases cooking tolerance; suitable for long-cut and short-cut pasta; works under total and partial vacuum conditions; clean label; approved in industry
  • MCcolour 100 – Natural colourant for a strong, brilliant yellow pasta colour; and therefore, also suitable for flour with a high ash content; no colour loss into the cooking water; approved in industry

Find out more about our pasta applications

All new products are characterised by a wide range of applications, improved functionalities and cost efficiency. They enable you to respond individually and precisely to the various challenges of global milling, such as fluctuating harvesting conditions and application-specific requirements. In line with MC’s anniversary, all new products bear the “100” label, which symbolises a century of innovation and market leadership in the industry.

For more information on the individual products and how they can be used to your advantage, we will be happy to advise you.

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