Special Flours

Special-Purpose Flours – “Special Editions” from the Mill

“All-in” bakery mixes, premixes, composite flours and other special-purpose flours

More and more mills are offering goods for specific products or processes. Let us help you, to benefit from this growing market!

Through specific diversification, mills can achieve an exceptional position in the market and give their products more added value. It’s worth looking out for new clienteles like hotels and restaurants or fast food chains, for these often have highly individual needs.

Peter Steiner, Global Head of Business Unit, Mühlenchemie

If you would like to know more about our ingredients for special-purpose flours, we will be pleased to advise you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

High costs, narrow margins – a fiercely competitive environment is driving the milling industry to seek new niches

Flour production

Special-purpose flours permit an interesting extension to your range.

Flours for special types of diet, product lines for individual customers, unusual product innovations: we will help you offer easily processed special-purpose flours developed exclusively for specific applications. We will be pleased to advise you in the choice of suitable raw materials or additives, and we will accompany your projects – if you wish – from the initial concept to market maturity.

Take advantage of the increasing demand for ready-mixed flours

Are you planning to extend your range? The Convenience sector may offer a profitable way of doing so. “All-in” bakery mixes for special products like croissants, deep-fried pastry goods, baguettes or rustic bread specialities are much in demand – in both the baking industry and for home use. As a global player in the Ingredients sector, our group of companies has the necessary raw materials and the expertise to supply mills with premixes and complete mixes of every kind.

Composite flours: no compromises when it comes to quality

In some countries, especially in Africa and Latin America, it is common practice to combine wheat flour with non-wheat flour of maize, millet, sweet potatoes, cassava, soybeans or, for example, yams. The result is called composite flour. The greater the proportion of these admixtures, the more they impair the volume of the products and the stability of the dough.
In order to make up for such a loss of quality, our applications technologists at the Stern-Technology Center have developed enzyme systems for processing composite flours that greatly strengthen the doughs and improve their baking properties. Learn more about our solutions for composite flour!

Individual special-purpose flours for industry

Flowable, homogeneous batters for the production of biscuits and wafers, fermentation-stable doughs for deep-freezing, vitaminized flours for export products: there is an increasing demand in the food industry for raw materials adjusted precisely to the companies’ own production lines and recipes. We develop treatment concepts for special-purpose flours whose functionalities are closely geared to the food manufacturers’ plant and production methods.

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