Future of Flour – Valuable Information for Use in Practice

For many years, Mühlenchemie has been an enthusiastic disseminator of specialist information on the subject of “grain and flour”. A milestone in this commitment is the publication of “Future of Flour”, a practical reference book that is even available in Arabic.

Again and again our customers expressed the wish for a manual containing the latest information on flour improvement and associated topics in a compact and readily comprehensible form. Our Head of Research and Development, Dr Lutz Popper, took up this request, and together with 40 co-authors he compiled a reference book that has since found its way into the standard literature of milling because of its sheer practical usefulness.

The topics of “Future of Flour” cover a wide field: grain-growing, raw materials, milling processes, laboratory analysis, spectroscopy, quality management, ready-mixed flours, flour fortification, flour improvement and a great deal more. On over 400 pages, the well-known authors present specialist information from all the relevant areas of cereal, flour and baking technology.

Future of Flour

Future of Flour

A Compendium of Flour Improvement

The book is available in English and Arabic.